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Community Engagement Plan

Goals of Community Engagement

  1. Create an open and transparent engagement process that builds trust between the city, residents, businesses owners, and other stakeholders.

  2. Engage a wide diversity of residents, with a focus on those who typically do not participate in civic projects and government meetings.

  3. Create accessible informational materials (postcards, flyers, presentations, etc.), that are multilingual and culturally appropriate and disseminate these materials at City Council meetings, public events, workshops, and popular places in the community throughout the two years of the project.

  4. Develop the next generation of community leaders by bringing all residents into the process and allowing them to help set the overall direction of the General Plan.

  5. Conduct engagement focused on residents living in identified Disadvantaged Communities, as defined by Senate Bill 1000.

  6. Allow the community to provide substantive input on key components of the General Plan including the vision and guiding principles, the pattern and intensity of allowed land uses, and key issues such as transportation, economic development, open space, health, and other policy issues.

How are we reaching all residents?

The following tools will be used to communicate with the public at key intervals during the project:

  • Regular Email Updates 

  • Next Door, Facebook, Instagram

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • General Plan Initiation Postcard

  • Project Information Factsheet

  • Printed Flyers

  • Press releases

  • Ads in newspapers

  • Announcements at City Council and Planning Commission meetings

  • Translation and interpretation

  • Educational videos

  • Community workshops

  • Pop-Up Workshops

  • Surveys/Feedback Forms

  • Environmental Justice Focus Groups

  • General Plan Advisory Committee.

  • Youth Engagement activities

Keep up to Date

Stay updated on the latest news regarding the general plan update by joining our mailing list at the link below.

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