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About the Plan


About the Project

What is a General Plan?

The City of Marina General Plan is an important policy document that is required to be updated in all chartered cities every 15 to 20 years per California State Law. The General Plan serves as the City’s roadmap for land use and development decisions and is a key tool for influencing and improving the quality of life for residents and businesses over the next few decades. 

Why Does it Matter?

The General Plan will address important community concerns such as how land is used, where buildings are constructed, roadways, new growth, housing needs, parks, and environmental protections. It sets the stage for future social, physical, and economic  development within the City. Except for several amendments to individual elements, the  last full update to the General Plan was in 2000, meaning the Plan is due for an update.  Now is the time to look forward to the next several decades and chart a course for the City’s future, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive vision for growth and development in the City;

  • Planning for natural hazards, including flooding and wildfires;

  • Conserving critical habitat areas, resources, and species;

  • Planning the future of the agriculture industry in the City;

  • Increasing opportunities for parks and open space areas;

  • Ensuring equitable distribution of amenities, goods, and services in the City;

  • Addressing transportation challenges such as traffic congestion, the bicycle network and transit; 

  • Addressing sustainability issues and preparing for the potential impacts of climate change; and

  • Maintaining the overall identity and quality of life in Marina.

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Which topics are covered?

State law requires that every General Plan address at least nine core topics, known as “elements.” These topics are land use, transportation, infrastructure, parks and open space, housing, climate change, public safety, resource conservation, and environmental justice. The Marina General Plan will address these elements in addition to other topics important to the community, such as urban design and economic development.

Project Timeline

What are the steps in the process?

Discovery where we explore the City and identify issues and opportunities;

Visioning to develop a long-term vision and guiding principles;

Alternatives to create a variety of land use and transportation alternatives focused on the location and pattern of new development;

Policy Development to develop policy solutions to a range of topics, including sustainability, social equity, and economic development;

Plan Development where the General Plan, Environmental Impact Report, and Zoning Code will be drafted; and

Review and Adoption for the public and City decision-makers to review and adopt the General Plan, EIR, and Zoning Code.

Keep up to Date

Stay updated on the latest news regarding the general plan update by joining our mailing list at the link below.

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