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Participate—Online Questionnaires

Questionnaire topics for the Marina 2045 General Plan Update will focus on existing conditions, issues/opportunities, future vision, land use alternatives, policy framework, and reviewing the draft general plan. Online questionnaires will be made available in multiple languages. 


Click the links below to participate in an ongoing questionnaire.

Respond To A Questionnaire


Online Questionnaire #2

Please share your input on the proposed land use vision for key areas of the city that may change overtime by responding to the questionnaire linked below:



Please note, this is not a statistically valid questionnaire; this is simply an opt-in survey designed to gather information from those who voluntarily participate. This questionnaire is supplemented with multiple other targeted outreach and engagement activities, including stakeholder interviews, pop-up workshops, and focus groups.


In addition, please note, this survey presents the same concepts, questions, and ideas as the 4th Community Workshop which was held on April 27th at the Marina Community Center. Thank you to all who joined!


Past Questionnaire Results

#1 Results

July 2023

This questionnaire gathered input on key issues and core values of the community.

Keep up to Date

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